Daniel WilczynskiDaniel Wilczynski is a crypto-currency enthusiast, web developer & serial entrepreneur. If you have come to learn more about crypto-currencies and Bitcoin, their economics and tech you have come to the right place.

About This Blog

This blog is to share my thoughts on crypto-currency economics & economics. I hope they can provide some value to the Bitcoin community. My technical posts are there to improve my understanding of the fundamentals of Bitcoin tech and might be useful to other people seeking to improve their knowledge.

About Me

My Name is Daniel Wilczynski. I have been building web based businesses for 5 years. I have been obsessed about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies since the middle of 2013.

My newest Bitcoin Startup is due to launch in 2017, btcstores.co .

HardBlock 2014-Ongoing – An Australian based Bitcoin Exchange.

btcstores.co 2016 – A CMS style platform to enable anybody to easily create their own Bitcoin brokerage web service. Our customers deal with banks and fiat. We provide the technology platform. This will reduce the friction in the interface between fiat currencies and crypto-currencies. It will enable access to Bitcoin in all corners of the earth.

bookharbour 2011-14 – Online retailer providing educational resources for tertiary students.

Education – Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) with Honors / Bachelor of Economics, from Adelaide University. Graduated 2012.